160 MacGregor Pines Drive, Suite 205
Cary, NC 27511
tel 919-851-5482
fax 919-852-5127
2800 Blue Ridge Road , Suite 405
Raleigh, NC 27607
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North Carolina Urological Associates was formed in September 1997 with the goal of providing comprehensive urological care to patients in the greater Raleigh area. From the beginning NCUA has been on the leading edge of new urological innovation while adhering to the traditional values of service and compassion. The formation of North Carolina Urological Associates under the leadership of Douglas C. Leet, MD served to strengthen the commitment to excellence within the practice.

Marc D. Benevides, MD joined NCUA in July 2001 and Stephen F. Shaban, MD started with the practice in December 2004. The addition of Brian Bennett, MD in 2005 and Timothy Bukowski, MD in 2009 brought the practice to the current number of five physicians.

The physicians of North Carolina Urological Associates care for both adult and pediatric urological disorders. Prostate disease, kidney stones, infertility, incontinence, bladder disease, hematuria, vasectomy and erectile dysfunction are among the areas of focus for adult patients. Pediatric patients with adhesions, cystitis, hydrocele, hypospadias, kidney stones, reflux, kidney disease, urinary stricture, UTI, torsion and bladder disease are routinely treated by Dr. Bukowski, a pediatric urologist with NCUA.

North Carolina Urological Associates has offices in Raleigh in the Rex Hospital Medical Office Building and in Cary in the MacGregor Medical Office Building. Both offices offer lab services and state of the art diagnostic equipment which allow the physicians of NCUA to confidently diagnose and treat patients with a wide variety of urological complaints.

The physicians and staff of North Carolina Urological Associates look forward to the continued expansion of our service oriented practice and to the delivery of cost-effective, patient centered care to the residents of Wake County and the surrounding area. Call today for an appointment to discuss your medical care needs.

Marc D. Benevides, MD

Brian C. Bennett, MD

Douglas C. Leet, MD

Stephen F. Shaban, MD

Timothy Bukowski, MD

Brent A. Sharpe, MD

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